Nov. 3rd - Free Election Anxiety Drop-In Support Group

Regardless of how you feel about politics, one thing we can say is that the current campaign has brought sexism and misogynies into the forefront. From sexual assault, sexually charged crudeness, and infidelities, men’s behavior is once again being excused while women are being blamed, accused of creating stories, or even welcoming the advances. The stories being shared are triggering people in many respects. One such way is that for some women and girls it has become the tipping point to finally break their silence. For others, it has brought back a past that they’ve attempted to forget.

Also, driven by the election, is a reported increase in anxiety, fear, confusion, shame, and frustration. The posturing, intimidation tactics, narcissism, and disregard for humanity can be triggering and deregulating. These big feelings can only be eased through social connection. We need to know that we are not allow in our feelings and that others share our experiences. 

In an effort to address these experiences, the YWCA will be offering a no-cost, drop-in support group on Thursday, November 3 from 2-3pm (focused on anxiety). Click here for details.