April 6th - The Fifth Vital Sign Austin

The ladies of Lunar Nourishment and The Fifth Vital Sign, a traveling program are offering a free class on:

  • hormonal and non-hormonal birth control
  • menstrual cycle awareness and charting
  • feminine hygiene products
  • self breast exams
  • radical consent
  • how to discuss options with your health care provider

This class is applicable and important for everyone from adolescents to adults. By sharing this information they want to frame the menstrual cycle as a vital sign, as important as blood pressure or pulse in telling you how your body is doing.

Their hope is that by better understanding the menstrual cycle and viewing it as an indicator of health, people will:

  • feel more secure, safe, and connected to their bodies, especially during times of transition, like pregnancy and menopause, and during illness
  • be able to come to their healthcare providers with more detailed information about their bodies, and more specific questions to contribute to their care
  • make birth control decisions with self awareness
  • dissipate the culture of shame and embarrassment around menstruation, especially for people during their first period, or menarche

Click here for more information. Space limited to 25 so please RSVP and get address to: connect@lunarnourishment.com.