March 29th - Kristen Hogan Book Release Reading & Celebration

Kristen Hogan, author of The Feminist Bookstore Movement: Lesbian Antiracism and Feminist Accountability invites you to her book release reading and celebration on March 29th at BookWoman.

The bookwomen at the heart of this story—mostly lesbians and including vital cohorts of women of color—measured their success not by profit, but by developing theories and practices of lesbian antiracism and feminist accountability. At bookstores like BookWoman in Austin, the Toronto Women’s Bookstore, and Old Wives’ Tales in San Francisco, and in the essential Feminist Bookstore News, bookwomen changed people’s lives and the world.

Using memoir, story, and historical analysis to retell their stories, Hogan not only shares the movement’s tools with contemporary queer antiracist feminist activists and theorists, she gives us a vocabulary, strategy, and legacy for thinking through today’s feminisms.

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