April Dabble Classes

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Sunday, April 3: DIY Floral Design with Julie Foreman

Spring is coming which means so are all the beautiful Spring flowers! Be ready by learning how to make a beautiful, unique custom floral design with Julie Foreman, owner of Merci Bouquet. Not only will you learn the basics of how to buy and care for flowers, but you will also learn how to create a custom design. Impress yourself and others with your knowledge! You'll be able to take your custom design with you to enjoy at home, to impress your guests at your next dinner party, or to give as a lovely gift. This class is the perfect opportunity for the ultimate girls night!

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Sunday, April 10: Urban Honey Bee Hive Tour

Learn about the intriguing world of honey bees in a way that few get to experience: through the hands­-on exploration of an active, living beehive! Your tour, led by a professional beekeeper, will include suiting up in protective gear, lighting a bee smoker, and getting up close with more than 100,000 bees. Each tour is capped at 8 people, providing you an intimate experience of this fascinating species.

You will walk away with a better understanding of the importance of honey bees and why their survival is so important, and see firsthand why bees aren’t near as scary as many of us think! Watch honey bees at work creating honey, witness as new bees are ‘born’, and learn more about what you can do to help the health and survival of this vital species. All tours will include a digital print of your hive tour experience! Tours include a tasting of honey fresh from the hive.

Tour includes: 
Guided tour of at least two beehives by a professional beekeeper
Honey tasting, fresh from the hive
Commemorative photo
Select beverages
Surprise gift to help you support our local pollinators!

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Wednesday, April 13: Blogging for Business or Fun

Do you have something to say, but you're looking for the right platform to say it on? Is the world of blogging new to you, but you know it can help your business grow? Do you dream at night of amassing "likes," "followers," and "comments"? Do you even know what these terms mean?

Fear not, here's a class for both the beginner and intermediate blogger. In this 2-hour introductory workshop, we'll cover the following: 
20 minutes: Networking and getting to know you! 
30 minutes: Blogging platforms: Tumblr vs. Wordpress vs. Squarespace
30 minutes: Types of posts/content
20 minutes: Writing attention-grabbing openers
20 minutes: FAQs about blogging and wrap-up

You will leave with a list of self-generated blog topics relevant to your area of interest, and 5 attention-grabbing openers to start those blogs, as well as a basic understanding of which blogging platform might be right for you.

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Sunday, April 17: Powerful Portrait Photography with Madelinne Grey

Portrait photography covers everything from family portraits to weddings to pin-up to newborns. Not only do you want to capture what someone looks like, but you want to capture some of their personality in the photograph too. Crying toddler? No problem - we'll create a lifestyle portrait. Worried about a double chin? Learn posing techniques that will show the jawline. Feel like your subject can't stop fake-smiling? We'll talk about getting a subject to open up and show genuine emotion.

This class is for anyone who wants to take better pictures of people and has a basic understanding of how their camera works. This class is taught as a small group with a live model that will help demonstrate posing. Each student will also get a chance to capture a portrait of the model. After that, we will take about 30 mins to practice our newly learned skills, and then reconvene for Q&A and one-on-one on-camera critique (optional).

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Saturday, April 23: Cyanotype Workshop with Laura Barth Turner

The cyanotype process, also known as the blueprint process, was first introduced by John Herschel in 1842 and has remained virtually unchanged since its invention. Cyanotypes were originally created for architects and engineers blue print designs, but now artists have adapted this technique and can now create beautiful pieces of artwork for everyone to enjoy. 
Great for beginners and all levels interested in gaining hands-on experience with traditional photographic techniques.

Our workshop will introduce students to the history of the cyanotype process. Students will learn how to make sensitizing solutions and coat various natural fibered fabrics and papers. Photograms will be created with botanical specimens, feathers, lace, and other objects (no film, camera, or negatives needed). Students interested in experimenting with negatives should contact us before class. A large portion of the class will take place outside, as sunlight will be used to expose the cyanotypes.

This workshop is adaptable for participants of all ages and levels of experience. There will be lots of one-on-one coaching.

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