July 16th - SHE IS wellness retreat

Redefine Enough presents the first annual SHE IS wellness retreat. Connect with an amazing tribe of women who will guide you through restoration, healing, and renewal and explore the 4 tenets: 

She is WELL

She is FREE



Each woman will be connected with a tribe leader and receive a letter before the retreat to explore hopes and expectations. You'll complete a survey to highlight your preferences for different workshops such as yoni yoga, guided meditation, or vision boarding. This will allow you to create the most healing and safe experience that caters to your needs.

Whether you're searching for a day of peace or trying to find a supportive tribe in Austin, the SHE IS wellness retreat will allow you to connect, restore, and reenergize. 

Tickets can be purchased here. To learn of scholarship opportunities and promo codes, join the FB event page or more information or sponsorship opportunities, please email: info@redefineenough.com