July 23rd - SUMMER NIGHTS: Herbs for Cooling and Clearing

When summer arrives, the days become longer, the heat rises, the humidity envelopes around us, the rhythm of our days get slower, the minds reflections shift and the body moves into a different mode. It is a time a few herbal allies can come in handy.

Las Brujas, Amanda Rae and Katrine, will be coming through Austin to share some herbal knowledge to help relieve the heat. This time of year is generally a hard, emotionally and physically. The heat and humidity are heavy; both the body and mind crave coolness, as well as lightness. There is the need for movement, to push the stagnant air, to let the mind and body feel a bit more space.

This afternoon talk and taster will look to history, plant allies, and ritual to embrace simple recipes and routines to cool your body and clear your mind. They will share various remedies such as mists, teas, shrubs and oils. As they talk, you will experience a variety of tastes to see which methods work best for your body.

Saturday, July 23, 2016 / noon - 1.30pm at Friends and Neighbors

2614 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX. 

Cost : $25 (includes a multitude of delicious tasters) Duration : 1.5hr

To sign up for workshop, click here.