July 8th - Healing Spaces #blacklivesmatter

Redefine Enough is hosting an event that will provide a safe space to mourn and cope with the losses of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. There will be licensed therapists on site to support those in need as we try to process and cope with our reality of ongoing oppression.

The Healing Space will take place at Soma Vida from 6:30 - 8:30. Click here to view the Facebook Event Page.


A message from Redefine Enough:

 Redefine Enough has received interest & support from Non-POC to attend Healing Spaces #blacklivesmatter. We are incredibly thankful for your support and allyship and hope that you will understand that Healing Spaces is specifically for people of color to be able to process the pain, grief, and anger of recent events among fellow people of color.

We want this space to be safe for everyone to voice their anger, hurt, sadness, and hopelessness without feeling the need to shrink or minimize concerns in the presence of non-poc allies.

We hope that this will be well received and respected by those who want to support the healing process of people of color. There are additional ways to support the ‪#‎BLACKLIVESMATTER‬ movement locally and hope you're able to attend the vigil by the Austin Justice Coalition & Black Lives Matter Austin tonight at 8 pm.