Sept. 14th - Women's Wellness Circle

Do you long for a greater connection with yourself and others? To cut through the daily grind and find a more peaceful, purposeful and healthy life

In the Nourish to Flourish Women’s Wellness Circle, yogalotus owner and yoga instructor, Lilyana Frescas, and Health & Wellness Coach, Katie Hazekamp, guide you through the unique union of self-care and self-discovery, implementing elements of meditation, yoga, and lifestyle coaching for real, transformational change. 

This transformational program includes: 
* 2 months of Women’s Wellness Circles with themes rooted in self-discovery and personal growth, meeting twice per month
* Life coach support and exercises to help you discover and be your best self
* Powerful guided group meditations combined with gentle and restorative yoga
* Self-care techniques you can implement right away
* A soulful, meaningful community of new friends

Gathering as a circle of women is a dynamic, inclusive experience that represents wholeness. You will come to feel heard, inspired and to grow. In today’s world, it’s too easy to get disconnected from our true nature as we navigate the challenges, chaos and changes in life. Join the Women’s Wellness Circle to reconnect, recharge and rejuvenate. 

Program starts Wednesday, Sept 14th and runs every other Wednesday, 7:30-9:30pm at yogalotus Austin for 8 weeks. 
Investment in Self: $299

Ready to invest in your happiness and well-being? Visit to register or email for more information.