August 30th - Civics 101 Series

Austin’s future is up to you. Learn how to get involved (while having a beer or two) at our latest happy hour.

We all hate traffic. So then why haven’t we figured out how to fix it yet? That’s what Civic 101 will be discussing at this free happy hour event – how to get Austin moving again, and how to do it in a fair and equitable way. 

Civics 101 Happy Hour - Transportation and City Planning

August 30th from 6pm to 8pm

in.gredients, 2610 Manor Road

Happy hour/socializing begins at 6pm, program begins at 6:30pm.

This happy hour is part of a summer-long happy hour series with the Austin EcoNetwork and in.gredients called, “Civics 101: Beer and the power of getting involved.”