Camp Drunken Arrow

Camp Drunken Arrow is looking for business BFFs. Camp Drunken Arrow is a grown-ass women's weekend camp in it's third year and growing faster than Rihanna can get back her money. Camp Drunken Arrow has the absolute best group of women that all congregate in South Texas once a year to escape the everyday hustle.

WHO are the ladies?
- average ages 25-40
- 60% from Austin area, 35% San Antonio area, 5% beyond
- A solid mix of Moms and Kid-free millennials
- Loyal, loyal, loyal ride or die
- No bullshit bad*ss b*tches, seriously just ask them

Camp Drunken Arrow is not accepting monetary sponsorship, just cross promotion. They would love to incorporate your business in their weekend camp this October. Put your products in front of their campers by stuffing their goodie bags, providing prizes or incorporating your product in one of their camp activities.

Interested in BFF'n with CDA? Email them at Fall in love with them more at: