Set up a Community Information Table at the 45th TX Roe V Wade Celebration


Join the Texas Reproductive Rights Rally on January 20th and celebrate the anniversary of the historic Roe V Wade Supreme Court Decision which guarantees the right to medical privacy in the event of a person seeking an abortion.

There is no fee or cost to participate should you choose to do so.  State Representative Donna Howard has agreed to speak, and the Texas Handmaids will be leading a pre-celebration march to draw the public eye to the event.  

You would be responsible for providing your own volunteers, table, chairs, and any printed materials you may wish to distribute.  Setup starts promptly at Noon.  Tear down starts at 4pm.  You’re allowed up to a 6ft long folding table maximum (smaller is fine).  There are some permanent park benches along the front walk area where you’d be set up that table workers can use if needed (first come first serve due to limited number).  There is plenty of shade along the whole area where tables will be set up.  

There are strict rules about no funds being exchanged on the Capitol grounds, so while you cannot accept donations directly, you can give out flyers with your website on them and tell people they can go there on their own device later to donate.  This is also a prime opportunity to connect face to face with new activists, to educate the public about your organization, and to collect information for your organization's email and phone lists. 

TRRR is  always looking for amazing speakers, performers, and musicians with relevant experience or knowledge who could contribute to the celebration's mission to educate on the topic of reproductive justice and connect organizations with the public.  They are especially interested in giving a platform to bilingual speakers and performers so they can be heard loud and clear. Click here for more information.