Women's Empowerment Coalition

WECO works for gender equality on a global scale through international research, partnership, and project support. We work to change the everyday lives of women by fostering institutional change together from the grassroots level by partnering with local organizations on women’s empowerment projects. We supplement our partners’ ongoing programs with supplies, project planning and management, and fundraising assistance for greater community impact. We believe that building a coalition for gender equality on a grassroots level will create necessary, and lasting change.

Currently we’re working alongside the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) to construct a childcare facility in Siem Reap, Cambodia that will enable more women in the area to attend their free educational workshops. The lack of childcare or institutional support services continues to restrict women from pursuing roles other than primarily mother and domestic laborer. Building the childcare center at the WRC will give women more freedom to focus on their personal, professional, and educational development, as well as prepare the next generation of youth. After its completion, women in Siem Reap will have greater access to knowledge on women’s health, women’s rights and gender roles, positive parenting, and financial literacy.


To learn more about our organization and our work, please visit our website: www.wecoalition.org 

To contribute to our fundraiser for this project please visit our team page: www.razoo.com/team/Weco