Call for Hosts and Collaborators for NoVacancyATX.

NoVacancy, an immersive creative experience is looking for Austin-area artists, organizers and spaces to bring this innovative project to life in central Texas. NoVacancy first piloted in Charlotte, NC in 2016 with over 90 artists, businesses, vendors and community organizations highlighting everything from DJs, dancers and videographers to pastry chefs, breweries and youth education programs.

NoVacancy fills empty spaces with innovative, immersive collaborations between musicians, visual artists, chefs, dancers, theatre artists, videographers, non-profits, community organizers, writers, storytellers and performance artists. We're looking for collaborators who are interested in pushing their own practice through a reimagining of space and how their own work can interact with other artists and disciplines. 

NoVacancy is built around the reimagining of space. We're looking for space and event hosts, individuals open to working with NoVacancy to organize an event that benefits your non-profit or community organization, or spaces would be a good fit for this kind of project.

For more information about past programming, visit or check us out on instagram at NoVacancyATX. NoVacancy is a project produced by TAPROOT, an ensemble-based performance company focused on performance experiences and social justice outreach. For more information about TAPROOT, visit or check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at DigDeepGetDirty. If you are interested in getting involved with NoVacancy or have more questions, contact