Support: Dynamite Sisters Comedy

The DYNAMITE CHANNEL is an interactive sketch comedy channel championed by the Dynamite Sisters, Katie Folger & Juliet Robb. They are currently running a kickstarter and need your support.

They see and use the online channel as a modern variety show— each sketch, its own act! They love an array of comedic genres both past and present, giving Dynamite a flare that's classic, timeless, modern all at once. Tune into DYNAMITE and you may find:

  • slapstick like that of Buster Keaton
  • a full-fledged dance and song number that takes you back to I Love Lucy and The Carol Burnett Show
  • a character-driven mockumentary series a la Trailer Park Boys
  •  satirical sketch a la Key & Peele & SNL
  • content that inspires, emboldens, and interrupts! 

But wait...Dynamite's more than just funny stuff. It's interactive, too.

That's right... they want you to create with them! They are thrilled to share what they love with you, and they want you to share what you love with THEM. Think fan suggestions, think live online performances, think Dynamite Sisters dares. They are pushing ever-further into the ever exciting frontier of storytelling and audience engagement. Stay tuned during our campaign-- they just might get your first of many invitations to the disco of creator, audience, heart, and honky tonk. C'mon now. Don't be shy. BOOM. Donate here.