Nationwide Call for Art Against SB4

Youth Rise Texas is organizing a Nationwide Call for Art Against SB4 and invites all artists, community organizers, and collectives to participate and spread the word. SB4 was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and goes into effect Sept. 1, 2017. Email if you have questions. 

This law - 

  • Bans Sanctuary Cities
  • Bullies local public officials into cooperating with ICE
  • Fines/ fires law enforcement for not complying with ICE detainer requests
  • Encourages racial discrimination by law enforcement
  • Makes victims and witnesses of crimes vulnerable by allowing law enforcement to ask about immigration status

If you have family or friends in Texas, this will directly affect their daily lives. Regardless, Texas politics are dangerously turning further right and the precedence its sets affects the rest of the country. Please consider submitting art to the campaign as this is a vital time to challenge SB4 and anti-immigrant hate with creative solutions and narrative.  

More information on SB4