Hurricane Harvey Relief Exchange Help

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Can you help or donate any of the times below. If so please email

  • Volunteers needed to dissemintate info, sort through information, and other background work. 
  • Donation needs: 
    - blankets and sheets
    - pillows
    - board games, cards, DVD's
    - baby wipes
    - diapers
    - formula
    - baby bottles
    - coloring books and crayons
    - air mattresses
    - Dog poo bags
    - Dog Crates
    - Pet food
    - Kitty Litter/Litter Boxes

    - clothing donations will feel good but overwhelm volunteers. If you are going to send them, make sure they are CLEAN and locationally appropriate- no down coats etc. 
    -The exception to this is diapers. They are in short supply and expensive. 
    - Hygiene will also be critical. Pets, weather, and large groups of people gathering can create public health issues. Please donate items that will keep this risk low.

  • Rubber tubs to short donations in