Call for Art: East Austin Studio Tour


Opening: East Austin Studio Tour, Nov 11th, 12th, 18th, & 19th
Application: Apply Here

Sports is a group show of new sports. The meeting place between physical and mental fitness. A fluxus field day.

The audience will be lead through a full sports survey, in rotation, of 10 physical challenges and 10 mental challenges. Focus will lean on group competition but there will be moments where an individual hero can claim the gold.

American Gladiators/Guts – Fluxus – Michael Jordan – John Cage – Chess Boxing – Yoko Ono

Artist(s) will be provided with a stipend, and a field of play (sports balls upon request). During the event, a referee will guide all teams through both the learning and competition of new sports. Two teams of 5 to 10 people (tbd) will compete with a running score being kept across each weekend of EAST and an ultimate team champion being determined at the end of both weekends. Sports can provide opportunity for a winner and/or lean on the esoteric and subjective success of the participant. Successful sports rules must be able to be explained or misunderstood in 2 minutes or less and played in 4 minutes max. Sports (the art show) is about camaraderie, competition, flow state, the historical significance of sports as a cultural anchor, your team, my team, winners, losers, abstractly determined international champions,  and concretely determined heroes. Participants with all abilities are welcome. For more information contact: 

Zac Traeger

Director | The Museum of Human Achievement