Satirical Queer/Gay News Publication Seeking Assistance

Mission Statement: Develop an online satirical news outlet focusing primarily on queer and trans issues while maintaining a strongly diverse group of staff and contributing artists. The intention is to give a voice to those underrepresented in our community, including queer, trans, POC, religious minorities, and others.

Seeking someone interested in running the business and/or PR aspects of a company from the ground up. Someone interested and able to fulfill both these roles is ideal, but not mandatory. Knowledge of accounting, business law and taxes, management, administration, human resources, social media and networking, public relations, and advertising, are all a major plus, particularly if qualified in more than one area.

Ideally you are a business-driven individual who enjoys working with artists in a creative environment. The end-goal is finding permanent employment for a variety of artists and professionals; particularly looking to create full-time careers with sustainable incomes. While they anticipate growth to initially be slow, they hope with networking and strong artist contribution that growth can be exponential.

If interested, please email Keith Horvath at to discuss more details.