Raw Paw Arson Recovery


On Tuesday January 2nd at around 1-6 am, someone broke in and burned down the Raw Paw studio. It was an act of arson that destroyed everything inside the house including countless pieces of artwork, printing equipment, supplies, books, records, merchandise and more. Thankfully, no one was harmed and all the surrounding neighbors are damage free and safe thanks to the Austin Fire Department.

PLEASE if you have any information that can help with the investigation of this crime contact us or the Deputy Fire Marshal, Tate Markey. What we have been asked most is did we have insurance. No, we did not. Our renter’s insurance ended completely on December 28th, five days before the fire, when we parted ways with an owner who resigned. We had written down to restart the insurance in our name the first day back to work, which was the same day as the fire. A perfect storm of horrible.

To everyone who suggested we do fundraising or offered to donate to help us get back on our feet, our gratitude is deeper than we can express. We will always be connected and your support in this time will turn into the energy we put back into our artwork, community, and those in the future who find themselves in need as we do now. Click here for more information