The Need to Cite Black Womayn


Fatima Mann, the cofounder and Executive Director of CounterBalance:ATX is writing a paper called Mindfulness & Its Role in Community Policing: An analysis by Black Womayn for Black Womayn. Fatima is a third year law student at Southern University Law Center, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, preparing to graduate on Saturday, May 12, 2018.  Fatima is excited to write a paper focused on inciting positive change in law enforcement that is created and sustained by Black womayn. Fatima is attempting to reference and cite all Black womayn within her article, or as many Black womayn as possible. With your help and the help of your network, she should be able to cite all Black womayn. #Citeblackwomayn is needed movement created to acknowledge Black womayn scholars and the fact that we are rarely or never cited or referenced as scholarly resources.  Black womayn scholars are the least cited, but the most educated and informed about the topic they’ve spent years researching, learning, and going into debt for, all to become citable, yet never being cited.

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