Calling Female Artists


Calling all badass, female artists! 

Women of West are looking to fill 1-2 more spots reserved for female artists, to join us for the East Austin Studio Tour this coming fall. “Femme-EASTa” is currently composed of 3 female artists, Julie AhmadBillie-Claire and Jennifer Pate.  They will be showing at the Austin School of Filmand have already reserved our space for the group showing. 

As a member of this group you would be responsible forattending group meetings, shared costs of marketing efforts, and having a collection of art that fits our theme(it doesn’t have to be new art made especially for the theme if your current art already works). 

The theme of our show this year is breaking social constructs surrounding women like sexuality, body image, occupation, swearing, drinking, etc. Artists will have their own direction within this theme, focusing on one topic personally inspires them.

For an example of their marketing efforts and our last show, please refer to our West Austin Studio Tour group, “Women of West, Empowering Women in the Arts”.  


Please send your website or portfolio to for consideration.