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Alpha Female Films is a collective of Queer Intersectional and Interracial Content Creators. They bring visibility to those oppressed due to race, sexuality and politics. Their goal is to unify diverse communities through storytelling while desegregating bias and stereotypes. Pop culture portrayals of women and those of the LGBTQ community can obscure the real-life tragic and heartfelt experiences that millions of us face today. Alpha Female Films'  short films are real stories written by people from these marginalized communities, centered in societal homophobia, racism and sexism.

With your help, we're bringing you not one, but two short films, with LGBTQ actresses of diverse ethnicities into the spotlight. You're also helping fund the development phase of our inaugural feature-length film.

Seed and Spark is a crowdfunding website that allows you to receive the funds ONLY if you reach 80% or more of your goal. This is only the beginning of their campaign.

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