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Creator Camp: Marfa Edition


New design retreat series Creator Camp launches this October with inaugural intensive in Marfa, Texas. Creator Camp (CC:) is a series of art-filled getaways designed to inspire attendees to approach their every day more creatively. CC: is founded and led by a Shonagh Speirs - fashion instructor, lecturer and the designer behind sustainable womenswear brand Being Apparel - and Margaret Williamson Bechtold, creative consultant and trend forecaster. Together, the pair present a combined 30 years experience in design thinking and creative direction. The friends and cofounders have programmed their first camp around belief that everyone could use more creativity in their lives, and the simple sentiment: “I just want to go out into the desert and design something.” The first camp, CC: Edition A, will take place in Marfa, Texas October 26-29, 2017. The itinerary is curated to include a balance of external inspiration gathering around Marfa, creative process mindfulness, sensory stretching, creative community, and a day-long, hands-on wearable sculpture workshop in which attendees will build a dimensional design of their own. For more information click here.