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Relationships 101: Healthy Boundaries & Communication

Join Kirstin Naumann in her cause to help raise funds for The SAFE Alliance (30% of all proceeds from this workshop go directly to them) to end violence and abuse for all populations. Sign up for the workshop now.

Relationships are messy, hard, and seem to becoming more and more complicated as technology dominates the world around us. Whether you were raised in a family that was relatively functional or not, or whether your life has relatively free of heartache, it is always a good reminder to learn about red flags of harmful relational dynamics and how to avoid them -- or how to change them.


You will discuss and dive into the following:

Healthy Relationships:
- Attachment: Types, How its formed, neurobiology, etc. (powerpoint, video for attachment examples, diagrams of neurobiology/neuroplasticity)
- Communication: active listening, respect, honoring the other, anatomy of a real apology. (role plays, handouts)
- Boundaries: why we need them, how to create them, and how to stick with them - Self - care : caring for self so we can care for others

-Impact on brain and, thus, relationships
-Power and control wheels
-Red flags for potentially harmful relationships
-Power of healing relationships
-Shame and how it impacts relationships

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