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Austin Tan Cerca de la Frontera Fundraiser

The first Women’s Day, was held on February 28, 1909 by American socialists in honor of women participating in the fight for labor rights in the U. S. This atmosphere of struggle, which included a massive three-month strike by immigrant women working in NYC garment factories - the Uprising of the 20,000, the Bread and Roses strike, and the tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, inspired the establishment of International Women’s Day in 1911.

The sweatshop workers and activists of that era fought for and won the 40-hour work week, minimum wage, abolition of child labor, and unemployment compensation. On March 8th, we celebrate that legacy knowing that women on the Texas/Mexico border as well as in the U.S. are still fighting for those basic rights today. 

Honoring our co-founder’s anniversary, Judith Rosenberg, and Fund for the Future, ATCF’s spring fundraiser event will unify the generational bridge that connects emerging leaders from old to new. It will feature FREE food & drinks, live music, a silent auction, Latinx vendors, and poetry.

Their goal is to raise $20,000, bring organizations closer together during this time of need, and are asking for folks to donate what they can to support our cross-border solidarity work. All proceeds will support grassroots resistance by continuing our solidarity delegations to the border, organizing a reverse delegation from Mexico to Texas, funding our annual Women & Fair Trade Festival, and reinforcing cross-border networks to take action against immigrant raids, detention, and deportations.

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