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Wild Women: Exploring Feminist Forms of Making

Who are you? How do you find the form(s) that you need to make? How can we exist as women-identifiers in historically male spaces, and what does it mean to make something that’s really female-centric, that’s separate from and subversive to the male history of fiction writing? In this one-off class, writer Bridget Brewer will lead us through discussions, creative experiments, and explorations of what it means to make fictional work as a woman-identifying person. We’ll look at some truly wild women – we’ll revel with Claude Cahun and Anais Nin, with St. Hildegard von Bingen, with Bhanu Kapil and Helene Cixous, with Jamaica Kincaid and Dorothy Allison. We might dip our toe into Janelle Monae and her concept album, The ArchAndroid. We might talk about Agnes Varda’s cinematic essay on female aging and refuse, The Gleaners, as well as who you bring to the table. We’ll challenge what fiction is allowed to look like, what role maternal comfort can play in the work women are allowed to put forth, and we’ll discover together that form is one place to start when we want to make fiction that screams.

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