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Year of the Womxn: Official Womxn's Party Austin Pride 2018

  • 4th St and Congress Ave. (map)

This year Austin Pride is producing something much larger and much more powerful – a WOMXN’S Party. The theme for Austin Pride this year is REVOLUTION. This celebration of WOMXN will show that womxn are here to stay. 2018 has been a prevailing year for womxn all over the world. From political seats being filled by a slew of LGBTQIA+, to WOMXN’S Marches, to the #MeToo movement, and ground-breaking change at the Royal Wedding. Huge racial & social barriers were broken that were centuries old, and we want to continue being that voice for WOMXN all over the world, specifically in the LGBTQIA+ community.

This year has been historical for WOMXN all over the world and we want to celebrate that in a BIG WAY. EVERYONE is welcome to the party, but Year of the Womxn is promoting it to the WOMXN, as we always do. WOMXN deserve a safe space to be themselves for one night, and that’s what we are in the business of providing.

Our entertainment for the evening is a lineup of very influential WOMXN such the Chulita Vinyl Club, Headlining International DJ CITIZEN JANE, DJ GiiQ (Gina DJgiiq Laughland), professional dancers, Angel Hamilton (SUPASTUD) as the Celebrity Host, and more

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