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Sheer: Yoni Egg + Sensual Flow Workshop


Taking the focus inward... “Sheer” is a yoni egg infused sensual movement workshop. Sheer has been created for all women who want to learn how to curate a personal yoni egg exercise ritual that can be practiced anywhere, anytime. In this workshop yoni eggs, self-affirmations, meditative exercises, sensual movement are use to awaken the feminine sensual and sexual expression.

The first part of this class will be dedicated to learning about the yoni egg and its associated practice. This will include a Q+A session, and the opportunity to purchase your own organic, GIA certified crystal yoni egg to use for the second movement part of the workshop. You will leave with a basic understanding of how to get out of your head, tap into your vulnerability and continuously use yoni eggs and sensual movement as a meditative tool.

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