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2X An Evening of Storytelling


According to 2x, "when it comes to stories, there’s one group in particular that we can’t get enough of: successful, badass women. So, we’re gathering a bunch of inspirational women – all experts in their fields – and giving them a platform to tell their stories… stories about pivotal moments in their journey that helped them get to where they are today. Here’s the only rule: each speaker only has 10 minutes to tell it. Doors will open at 6:00pm.Grab a drink and check out the theater's awesome lobby space. It's dope. The show will start right at 7:00. You'll hear from 8 badass, powerhouse women -- all experts in their field -- about a pivotal moment that impacted their journey. Each story is only 5-10 minutes long. No slides, no presentations, no band standing. Just honest, vulnerable stories that will inspire and entertain you. Once the show is over, feel free to hang out and meet the speakers. We'll be serving up wine and beer until 9:15pm."

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