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#bossbabesATX June Coffee Meet

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We're just a couple of babes who noticed women sometimes avoid collaborating artistically/creatively/professionally with other women. This cultural training has shaped women to behave in a couple of ways:

We avoid openly discussing business with each other, because we feel that success among women is finite.
We have been taught that other women's achievements are threatening, and we internalize our weaknesses and challenges.
We sometimes feel isolated professionally, because we don't see as many women in the workplace or talk to women about the things we face as women in the workplace.
We refuse to accept that these behaviors are just "a woman's way."

Time for a paradigm shift. Meet your new favorite group of radicals.

Through meets, creative retreats and a bustling online database of badass females, we hope to turn Austin into the kind of city a woman can call home — a-take-off-her-bra-let-down-her-hair-brew-some-coffee-invite-the-crew-spin-a-vinyl-and-throw-herself-into-work kind of home.

Our second meet will be on Thursday, June 11, 2015 at Chicon Collective in East Austin. It's BYOB (blast your own babes... with this invite).

Questions? Please email