It's okay to have questions. 

We're here to answer them. ~Inquiries always welcome~

What are y'all about?
#bbatx is a Texas-based nonprofit that amplifies and connects women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and organizers. We create space to share our crafts, catalyze multi-industry coalitions, promote intersectionality across disciplines, seek guidance and provide each other with practical and emotional resources. Anyone interested in our mission, core values, and initiatives are invited to participate—and learn more about how intersectional gender equality can improve their daily lives. Get to know us here.

What does your programming look like?
We provide 1500 opportunities to women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and community organizers per year. More than 15,000+ community members also annually attend our showcases, markets and dialogues—and in the last three years, our programs generated an additional $1million for the Austin economy. So, whether you apply to participate in one of our programs, attend our workshops, conferences and dialogues, or come out to a festival or market to support the community we’re building, you’re a member of this movement. We currently produce:

  • bimonthly community meet-ups

  • an annual comedy, music and film festival

  • a biannual makers' market

  • artist in residency program

  • seasonal visual artist showcases

  • entrepreneurial conferences

  • personal and professional development programs

  • community dialogue series

  • civic engagement events

  • a free community news distribution service

  • artist booking and program consulting

Click here to check out all of our programs.

How did #bossbabesATX come to be?
#bossbabesATX was founded by Jane Hervey in Austin, Texas in May 2015 as a grassroots series of meet-ups. In 2017, after cycles of growth and community interest, Hervey determined the organization needed to become a nonprofit to fulfill its commitment to amplifying gender equality within creative industry. Jane and the organization's first team members, Leslie Lozano and Ashlee Pryor, comprised #BBATX’s first nonprofit board in 2017. Thanks to their efforts, we now offer year-round programming and coalition-building services and are a registered 501c3. We are still run by a volunteer board and committee, as well as two part-time staff members. :)

What does "women and nonbinary" mean?
These terms are the most accurate terms we’ve found to talk about our community, and they’re likely subject to change. We work with a lot of different kinds of people with a variety of identities, some of which exist outside the binary of "woman" and "man." So, recognizing the spectrum of gender identities within our community is important. Using more inclusive language (and also updating our language as necessary) gives us permission to be ourselves, while providing room for us to explore our own opinions and learn about the best ways to challenge gender inequality.

Who is #bossbabesATX for?
Although #bossbabesATX works to promote and amplify women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and organizers, our programming is for everyone. Our events are not gender-discriminant or profession-discriminant, and all are welcome to attend. We will not question if you are "babe" enough to attend. We will not question if you are "boss" enough to attend. You are welcome here.

How can I help?
Advocate for gender equality, first and foremost! Or you can come out to attend an event, make a donation, or volunteer  (sign-up here). We appreciate your support more than anything. If you are curious about sponsorship or contributing to a program, please email Big, fat checks are great, too. :P


How do I become a vendor at one of your events?
We host craftHER Market, a biannual Austin-based market that accepts vendors from all over Texas. Once you have applied for craftHER Market, you will then be considered for vending opportunities within our pop-ups, meet-ups and other programs. You can find out when vendor applications are open on the craftHER Market website.  Have more questions? Click here for for our vendor FAQ.

How do #bbatx's Austin meet-ups work?
Our Austin meet-ups occur quarterly and serve as a moment to gather women-identifying and nonbinary folks from the creative, entrepreneurial and social justice communities in Austin. We feature local DJs and invite vendors and artists to present their work. Attendees also get the chance to submit an announcement for the onstage open mic portion of the meet-up. Whether you're new in town, looking for friends or trying to launch a project, our meets are open to everyone. Get the full skinny here.

I bought a ticket to an event and can no longer make it. Are tickets refundable?
Our tickets are nonrefundable and cannot be applied to other events within our programs. Thanks for the understanding!

I want to donate a space rental for one of your events. Who do I talk to?
Email We're always looking for venues!

Can you promote my events/business on your platform?

Check out our community news submissions guidelines or consider making a meet announcement.

Where does the money go?
#bossbabesATX is a 501c3 nonprofit. All of the website costs, administrative, management and event costs are covered by ticket sales, donations and sponsorships. We appreciate the support and could not do it without you!

I've seen #bossbabe organizations in other towns. Are you affiliated with them?
Nope! Not us. We're an entirely local movement based in Austin, Texas. Our national organization is actually called BABES FEST.

Do you have chapters?
Our national programs BABES FEST and craftHER Market will eventually travel on a regular basis. In the meantime, we're developing a curriculum for the rest of our programming to lend to other DIY organizers.

Do you accept blog contributors?
We don't currently have a writing staff, and we don't issue assignments, BUT we are always accepting pitches. Feel free to email us through our contact form with any ideas.

How do I join #bossbabesATX?
In our current form, we have two options for getting involved. By attending events, you're considered part of the movement and can apply for spots within our programs, submit your work for consideration, etc. Every ticket you purchase supports all of the hard work and effort that goes in to running this organization, too. In 2020, we’ll be introducing a membership program, which will provide more intimate settings for people to connect, learn from each other and support the organization. Click here to sign up for more information on the membership launch.