We stand for ourselves.


At State of the Uterus*, we stand to dismantle the stigma that prevents all genders and sexes from receiving appropriate reproductive care and health services. We stand to acknowledge and fight against the intersectional issues that affect the health of women-identifying people, like access to resources that cover basic needs, systemic racism, transphobia, abuse and violence, sexual miseducation and more. We stand to create spaces that prioritize individual agency and the communication of truthful, responsible information. We stand to decriminalize abortion. We stand for ourselves.

Our 2nd-Annual State of the Uterus*, a party for progress, is on Jan. 26. We'll be fundraising for #bbatx, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, Counter Balance: ATX, Survive2Thrive and Homeless Period Project ATX. We hope you can join us. The below flyers have been produced by designer Jasmine Brooks for SOTU and are available for free download to all.

*Uterus not required


  1. Period Power: A Manifesto For The Menstrual Movement by Nadyka Okamoto

  2. History vs. Women by Anita Sarkeesian and Ebony Adams

  3. All About Love by bell hooks