We stand for ourselves.

State of the Uterus* (*uterus not required) is #bossbabesATX’s annual party for progress. Together, we raise money for nonprofits invested in reproductive justice, menstrual health and community health, while dancing our butts off and learning about local initiatives. This year’s party was held on Jan. 25, 2019 at Cheer Up Charlies, and together we raised $8500 for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, the Abortion Care Network, Collegiate Mom Coalition, the KIND Clinic and #BBATX (that's us!). Click here for the recap and read on to learn more about SOTU and how you can get involved year-round.

At State of the Uterus*, we stand to dismantle the stigma that prevents all genders and sexes from receiving appropriate reproductive care and health services. We stand to acknowledge and fight against the intersectional issues that affect the health of women-identifying people, like access to resources that cover basic needs, systemic racism, transphobia, abuse and violence, sexual miseducation and more. We stand to create spaces that prioritize individual agency and the communication of truthful, responsible information. We stand to decriminalize abortion. We stand for ourselves.

Below, you’ll find a guide created by activist Emma Robinson, in collaboration with #BBATX, as well as flyers produced by designer Jasmine Brooks for SOTU. All materials are available for free download to all.

*uterus not required.

the official SOTU action guide (2019)

This guide was written, designed and compiled by Emma Robinson, in collaborationwith #bossbabesATX staff members Jane Hervey and Natalia Rocafuerte. Click here to download a copy of the guide for free.

want to get more involved? Here’s some additional RECOMMENDED READINGs and next steps.

  1. Read 29 Messages of Resistance and Resilience for 2019 from some of #BBATX’s collaborators.

  2. Do you care about creating sustainable and intersectional systems of creative entrepreneurship, arts empowerment and community organizing? Click here to learn more about how you can support #BBATX or get involved in our programs.

  3. Learn more about the barriers and risks independent abortion clinics are facing around the country through the Abortion Care Network’s latest report.

  4. Reach out to the Collegiate Mom Coalition (based in Austin, Texas) to assist with their first-ever pageant in April 2019. The pageant will raise money for scholarships and grants that go directly toward teen mothers pursuing college education.

  5. Donate to the KIND Clinic, so they can continue providing gender-inclusive healthcare to all.

  6. Attend an Abortion Teach-In on Feb. 3, 2019 at the #BBATX HQ from 12 to 2 PM, hosted by the Afiya Center. Follow The Afiya Center on Instagram for registration information.

  7. Become a better ally. Learn more about how to better support trans folks in your community with this comprehensive guide on gender inclusivity by PFLAG.

  8. Click here to volunteer with Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.

  9. Advocate for bills that will change the landscape of Texas’ treatment of sexual assault, menstrual health and domestic violence. Join forces with Deeds Not Words to support the bills on their Fem-Z agenda. Click here to view the agenda. (Want to get even more involved with Deeds Not Words? Click here to learn about their college campus ambassador program.)

  10. Support sex workers’ rights. Get involved and/or donate to the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP USA).

  11. Back up Austin’s Survivor Justice Project, an organization that has continually held the Austin Police Department accountable for the crime lab’s rape kit backlog and mishandling of rape cases. You can show up for their advocacy events and stay involved by following along on their Facebook.

  12. Contribute your time, attention and funds to Whole Woman's Health Alliance, a patient-centered practice that provides abortion care and affordable emergency contraception. They work both inside the clinic and out to eradicate stigma by fostering open and honest conversations, lifting up all communities, and transforming the abortion care environment. Check out our website for resources and education about abortion or to make an appointment.

  13. Trans women are women. Amplify trans women, support trans women and believe trans women.

  14. Prepare yourself to combat systems of abuse. Check out the Texas Center for Family Violence to learn helpful stats and information about the pervasive ways in which abuse is perpetuated at home.

  15. Get involved with AFSSA (Asian Family Support Services of Austin), which supports survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking through the lens of immigrant survivors of violence. They offer a language-accessible 24/7 hotline (877-281-8371), survivor-centered advocacy, parent/child services, counseling, economic empowerment, and more. Their services are confidential and completely free of charge. Their next volunteer orientation is on Thursday, February 7. RSVP at volunteer@AFSSAustin.org.

  16. Support your local birth worker and become an advocate for maternal health, through an organization like Mama Sana Vibrant Woman. Mama Sana Vibrant Woman provides free pregnancy, birth and postpartum support for Black and Latina women in Austin.

  17. Donate menstrual health items to Flo Code, so they can continue providing period care items to displaced folks in Austin, Texas.

  18. Become a supporter of the YWCA ATX, as they work to eliminate racism and gender inequality in Texas. (We highly recommend attending their public trainings and unlearning sessions.)

  19. Learn more about your body. Sexual miseducation and misinformation are real. Don’t be afraid to lean in. If you are female-bodied, we suggest reading “Period Power” by Nadya Okamoto.

  20. Help survivors of domestic violence and assault find safe places to stay beyond shelters in Austin, Texas. You can donate directly to the Survive2Thrive Foundation, which provides hotel stays and other alternative paths to stability for displaced families.

  21. Give the gift of a safe place for youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities to be themselves. Make a donation to Outyouth.

  22. Listen to and learn from women of color. Here’s a good reading list to start with.

  23. Do your research and make informed voting decisions. Make sure you’re getting your information from diverse sources. Seek out experts, and do not get sucked into the zeitgeist of public opinion.

  24. Show up for the intersections of identities that exist in your community, including but not limited to undocumented immigrants, Indigenous folks and intersex folks. Life is a spectrum and access to health care and bodily autonomy affects us all.

  25. Share the mic. Be a supporter and give others the space to advocate for their own needs. You are only the expert of your own experiences.

  26. Remember that you are valued and needed. So much.

download SOTU 2019 flyers by Jasmine brooks for free below.

State of the Uterus* is presented and produced by #BBATX, an organization committed to amplifying the voices of women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and community organizers. Learn more here.