#BBATX’s creative leadership Questionnaire :)


When we make work under our best conditions, we do more than survive—we thrive. And what grow toward (or say no to) has a lot do with it. Whether you’re a small business owner, independent artist or creative leader, your career pathway will take resilience and strategic decision-making. Where do you choose to go? What makes something a yes? Which environments are best for your growth?

As we explore these questions throughout Fall and Winter 2019, we are conducting research on the barriers women and non-binary creatives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders are facing in Texas—as well as the things we need to do our best work. Please fill out this survey, so we can all learn together.

PS: You can learn more about what we do here, and a random participant in this survey will receive free access to all #BBATX events in 2020, so thank you!