Behind #bossbabesatx:

We're a little nonprofit in Texas that amplifies and connects women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and organizers. Our kickass event series and initiatives are designed to share resources across different disciplines and create communities of support that promote gender equality.

WHY? Because there is power in our shared experiences.
Across industries, women report that they:

  • face discrimination at work for their gender presentation, racial background, sexual orientation and more
  • experience being typecast for particular roles at work (which are often less lucrative or characteristically "feminine")
  • don't have access to financially and socially supportive professional and entrepreneurial networks that can lead to funding and career gains
  • feel authentically underrepresented in stories of success about their industries
  • encounter workplace environments and systems that do not value equal opportunity initiatives, representation and anti-discrimination

Plus, the stats don't lie. Despite massive growth in creative industries and women's entrepreneurship, barriers to gender equality are still real. (For example, in Texas alone, women-owned businesses only comprise 20% of the state's total.) Yet we know our economies and communities only stand to benefit from gender equality, as women are also more likely to advocate for equal pay, create socially conscious businesses and media and employ more diversely, so what's the hold-up?

It's time to put our money, time and community where our mouth is.

We create intersectional, interdisciplinary programs and initiatives that inspire, connect and create opportunity and community. Together, we make space to catalyze multi-industry coalitions, share our crafts, seek help and provide each other with practical and emotional resources. Currently our event series, showcases, strategic collaborations and professional development programs provide a platform of visibility, outreach and financial opportunity to 1000+ emerging women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and organizers per year. On top of that goodness, the public-at-large is invited to participate. More than 10,000+ community members per year attend our showcases, markets and dialogues—and in the last three years, our programs generated an additional $1million for the Austin economy.

And you should join us! Currently, we produce:

  • bimonthly community meet-ups

  • an annual comedy, music and film festival

  • a biannual makers' market
  • artist in residency program
  • seasonal visual artist showcases
  • entrepreneurial conferences
  • personal and professional development programs
  • community dialogue series
  • civic engagement events
  • a free community news distribution service
  • artist booking and program consulting




Please read our FAQ, then email us at with all the questions, ideas and coffee hang requests. x