here’s why we amplify women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and community-builders.

Across industries, women and other marginalized genders report that they:

  • face discrimination at work for their gender presentation, racial background, sexual orientation and more

  • experience being typecast for particular roles at work (which are often less lucrative or characteristically "feminine")

  • don't have access to financially and socially supportive professional and entrepreneurial networks that can lead to funding and career gains

  • feel authentically underrepresented in stories of success about their industries

  • encounter workplace environments and systems that do not value equal opportunity initiatives, representation, anti-sexism, anti-racism and anti-discrimination

Plus, the stats don't lie. Despite massive growth in creative industries and women's entrepreneurship, barriers to gender equality are still real. (For example, in Texas alone, women-owned businesses only comprise 20% of the state's total.)

We know our economies and communities only stand to benefit from gender equality, as women are also more likely to advocate for equal pay, create socially conscious businesses and media and employ more diversely—so what's the hold-up?

our purpose:

We believe that creating and sustaining communities that value gender equality leads to a more just world.

our mission:

We amplify women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and community leaders to create the visibility, communities and resources necessary to succeed at our crafts and careers.

our vision:

We aim to change the narrative around women and nonbinary creatives and business owners. We’re here to push our culture toward a gender-equal future.

so, what do our programs look like?

Our programs catalyze multi-industry coalitions, promote intersectionality across disciplines, share our crafts, seek guidance and provide each other with practical and emotional resources. Annually, our programs amplify and connect 1,500+ women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and organizers to opportunities and resources, and more than 17,000 community members attend to participate and learn more about how gender inequality affects their daily lives.

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