Producing our programs and investing in research, education and community-building has hard costs, so any donation to our programming counts—a whole lot. Currently, #BBATX runs on a combination of volunteer hours and part-time staff, and our programs cost $250,000 annually to produce. We are grateful to all of the friends and community members who support #bossbabesATX and ensure we keep on keepin' on. Plus, as a 501c3 nonprofit, all of your donations are tax-deductible. :)

You can learn more about why you should donate here.



  • Attend an event. Seriously—every time you attend an event of ours, you’re putting your dollar, attention and time toward women and non-binary creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders. Showing up counts.

  • Join a program. Applying to participate in BABES FEST or craftHER Market is a great way to get involved with #BBATX and benefit from the community we cultivate. (You can also become more embedded in the community by attending our intimate workshops and smaller meet-ups.)

  • Become a partner. Partners donate between $500 to $20,000+ to our programs. They give us the foundational, financial strength we need to employ our staff, hire artists, book venues and invest in community outreach.

  • Donate to our programs. It takes $250,000 per year to what we do, and every dollar (yes—every dollar) toward those expenses helps us survive. No donation is too small, and any donation gets you on our annual donor thank-you list.

  • Buy from our shop. Everything in our store benefits our programs, by directly contributing to our staffing and administration costs. (Plus, it's all cute and for the most part eco-friendly and sustainable.)

  • Subscribe to our bimonthly newsletter. Opening our emails and tuning into what we do beyond social media helps us become less dependent on Instagram’s and Facebook’s biased algorithms, while ensuring you stay in the loop.

  • Read our blog. Knowing more about our community and our values helps you become a better advocate for #BBATX’s values and ideas.

  • Contribute to #BBATX’s Fall / Winter 2019 Creative Leadership Survey.
    By putting your thoughts in this survey, you help us collect accurate data on the barriers that women and nonbinary leaders face in Texas, which helps us fight back decision-makers in our communities and governments who don’t prioritize our needs.

  • Volunteer with us. When you donate your time to #BBATX by volunteering at an event, you help us reduce the cost of our programs and keep both ticket prices, booth fees and other things that our community pays for more affordable.


We are also always seeking sponsors and partners for our programs. Please email for more information as to how you can get involved and support our community and our mission to connect and amplify women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and community organizers.

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