We Are Present: On Fall 2018's Programming Theme

Over the next couple of months, from our meet-ups to SHE TALKS to craftHER Market, we’ll explore what it means to show up for our goals day-in and day-out. We’ll share the stories of historical icons and present-day leaders who motivate us to do the work—even when it’s tough. And we’ll deep dive into the creative spaces, communities and people that are working hard to make the City of Austin as vibrant as possible. Hope to see you soon.

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Jane Claire HerveyComment
URL IRL Resident Artist: Cindy Popp

Cindy Popp is a performance artist and concept photographer, occupying our URL IRL residency in June and July of 2018. For her residency, Cindy Popp will debut an exhibit at the Elisabet Ney Museum on August 9 (as part of our Meet Her Hands series), as well as create work for our ongoing DJ and digital art pop-up at Native Hostels (her work will be featured on July 5). In this piece, she discusses her personal influences and her process.

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Tearing Down Tokenism—Together: A SHE TALKS Recap

In this session, we gathered experts and community members invested in diversity and inclusion to discuss the lack of representation for women of color and identify solutions and strategies for creating inclusive spaces. How can we—as community members, as women who work in various industries—prioritize and uplift diverse voices? What’s the hold up?

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