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An Abortion Teach-In with The Afiya Center

Produced by The Afiya Center, the Abortion Teach-In is the first in a series of Teach-Ins designed to educate Black Women and Women of Color using the Reproductive Justice framework.

Hosted within #BBATX’s HQ on Feb. 17, 2019 from 1 to 4 PM, this talk is meant to build the conversations around abortion access that were presented during #BBATX’s annual State of the Uterus, a fundraising party for reproductive justice and human rights. This event is free and requires RSVP.

— behind the teach-in —

Led by Emma Robinson of the Afiya Center this teach-in is designed and meant for Black Women and Women of Color to explore reproductive justice and abortion access (allies are welcome).

“Abortion access in Texas is difficult to navigate, on purpose. Comprehensive sex-ed doesn't exist here, so many of us leave school without a thorough understanding of our bodies and our rights. In this Teach-In, we will explore the ins and outs of Abortion: What does legality mean when access is denied? Why is a conversation about abortion necessary in 2019? What does choice mean in a capitalist system? How does capitalism dictate the conversation around abortion? How is the conversation around abortion different across cultures?” — Emma Robinson of The Afiya Center

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— meet the presenters and producers —

About Afiya Talks, the presenter: Afiya Talks is a program of The Afiya Center that uses media (books, films, etc) to inspire conversation for Black Women/of Color in Texas. Like all of you, we are expanding, The Afiya Talks program has two tracks for personal development: The Lesser Mysteries- spaces for interrogating what "Radical Self Care" means. And, The Greater Mysteries- spaces where Consciousness Raising and activism take priority, shifting how we see ourselves as radical. By focusing on these, we intend to conjure a world where Black Women/of Color can not only exist but thrive.

About #bossbabesATX: We’re a Texas-based nonprofit that amplifies and connects women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and organizers. We create space to share our crafts, catalyze multi-industry coalitions, promote intersectionality across disciplines, seek guidance and provide each other with practical and emotional resources. Anyone interested in our mission, core values, and initiatives are invited to participate—and learn more about how intersectional gender equality can improve their daily lives. We provide 1500 opportunities to women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and community organizers per year. More than 15,000+ community members also annually attend our showcases, markets and dialogues—and in the last three years, our programs generated an additional $1million for the Austin economy. So, whether you apply to participate in one of our programs, attend our workshops, conferences and dialogues, or come out to a festival or market to support the community we’re building, you’re a member of this movement. All babes, all people, are welcome. :) Learn more at

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